Fatal Beauties

Sirens. Their screams can stop a human heart and their songs can drive men to the brink of madness. But these cruel fates are nothing compared to what happens if a Siren falls in love. Fatal Beauties mixes the elements of mystery, romance, and mythology, bringing a fresh new twist to the paranormal young adult romance genre.

Toying mercilessly with humans and delivering them to their darkest hour was just a part of daily life for Amber Ballentine and her two sisters. But that normal life is turned upside down when Amber grows tired of the monotony and matriculating from town to town.

Eventually, Amber grows weak and lets her guard down and that's when she meets Kellan Westwick. Kellan is everything one would expect from the proverbial bad boy…brooding, rich, and devastatingly handsome. He's also off limits-for Sirens aren't allowed to fall for humans. The risk is just too great.

Though she fights against her feelings, Amber finds herself drawn to this hauntingly mysterious human. As they grow closer, Amber stumbles upon the buried past of Kellan's family…the Westwick's are Reapers, a group of humans with the strength and power to destroy all paranormal creatures including Sirens. When the truth is revealed, Amber must ask herself if Kellan is her hero or the one who will lead to her ultimate demise.