Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Potter Mania Continues...The Villians

There cannot be light without the cannot have good without the balance of evil. And oh, how I love the evil that oozes out of my favorite Harry Potter villains. So many love to hate characters made it almost impossible to choose my favorites. Almost. But, I managed to narrow it down to my top five. Though in the end some turned out to be good in their own right, they earned their status with past deeds.

So without further deliberation I give you my top five villains:

#5 Draco Malfoy
From the moment they arrive at Hogwarts and Harry turns down his friendship, Draco becomes a bane in Harry's existence. Eager to please his father, Draco is vile and cruel to all muggles and anyone associated with them. The apple didn't fall far from this tree my friends.

#4 Lucias Malfoy
Rich, powerful and utterly full of himself, Lucias Malfoy is any dark lord's dream come true. Why? Because he will do anything to stay close to those in power and step on anyone who gets in his way.

#3 Bellatrix Lestrange
Proud member of the noble house of Black, Bellatrix has a heart to match her family name. Devoted to Voldemort through and through, Bellatrix kills her own family member Sirius Black when he comes to Harry's aide.

#2 Severus Snape
From the moment of his arrival at Hogwarts, Snape has been a thorn in Harry Potter's side. Whether it be ten point from Gryffindor or Occlumency lessons, Snape never passes up the chance to torment The Boy Who Lived.

#1 Voldemort
Can you possibly be surprised? Since Harry was just a baby, this dark lord has been vying to kill him. Voldemort has single handedly raised an army wiping out those Harry loves with the flick of a wand. Yes, Voldemort is my number one villain.

That's it for today...I'll see you tomorrow!
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~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

Great list! I'm a Bellatrix LaStrange fan. She is so deliciously evil! Can't wait for Friday -- have my tickets already!

Jen Daiker said...

Oooo... Bellatrix Lestrange, one of my favorites... her name alone is creepy cool.

I love the note you left with Snape: For the moment... perfect :)

Laura Pauling said...

For me, Voldemort is too much of the obvious villian, I know they went into his past in one of the books, but he's too much the stereotype for me. But I love Snape!

Jess said...

My stepdaughter loves the Harry Potter books and is drawn to all things Slytherin. Her favorite, however,is Miss Bellatrix...she was almost Bellatrix Lestrange for Halloween. Deliciously nasty list of villains, thanks!

Lisa said...

Of course Voldy gets the top spot :) And Bellatrix is a delicious villain…

Everyone else I kind of feel sympathy for at some point. The Malfoys have clearly gotten in over their heads by book 7. And Snape is villainous, but virtuous at the same time. I love how Rowling really shades their characters with good and bad traits.

Oh, and you forgot Umbridge! I love her as a villain because she's such a perfect passive-aggressive bureaucrat and she uses her power to climb the ladder and step on others as she goes. Really, think about the detention she gave Harry. That’s hardcore evil there, but she does it all under the guise of keeping order for the ministry. Plus, she loves conducting those Muggle-born trials. Oooh, I hate her!

gideon 86 said...

Hi Renae,

This post is GREAT! It is nice to have a full reminder of the Villains up close and personal. We will see them in all the GLORY on Friday!


Laurel said...

I'm surprised Dolores Umbridge didn't make your list. I hate her far, far more than even Voldemort. At least he had a bad childhood that's partly to blame for his dark soul. Umbridge is evil in a very fascist kind of way--to create her own "perfect" world. Gives me chills just thinking about her in her pink suit with those kitten collectible plates.

Laurel said...

Okay, this is getting kind of spooky--Lisa and I keep saying the same things!! She is obviously my kindred spirit in all things HP! HA!

LTM said...

woo!!! I'm over here from Mel's and Jen's for some potter love. LOVE me some bad guys--B. Lestrange b/c I love her name, and I've always had a soft spot for HB-C since she was innocent little Lucy in A Room w/a View~ :D <3

Quinn said...

I love love love Bellatrix!

Colene Murphy said...

Perfect list! It amazes me what Rowling did with all these villains too. How they all aren't just nasty. I especially love how the Malfoys got what they needed to snap out of it. They didn't all suffer horrible deaths but got beat around on their own side until they saw the light and gave up trying to be evil! Awesome.
Great post!

Joanna St. James said...

I'm wondering now, do people love Bellatrix because Helena Bonham Carter plays the part obviously like she was born for it or because of the character in the book?

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Voldemort is awesome, but I like Snape. I do love a complex villian. :)

The Golden Eagle said...

I like Snape--he's a mix, he's complicated, and in the movies the actor does an excellent job!

Melissa said...

Bellatrix Lestrange and Severus Snape are my two favorite villains ever!!

Jennifer Hillier said...

Love that you chose Bellatrix! She's delightfully evil.