Monday, July 26, 2010

Interview With Emma Michaels

As promised, today we have Emma Michaels here telling us all about her upcoming novel "The Thirteenth Chime."

So to start things off Emma, tell us your summary of The Thirteenth Chime.

Destiny is a senior in college, engaged and very happy to be on Spring Break with her best friend and roommate, Stephanie. Together, they travel to the West Coast where Stephanie's mother is waiting for them. On their first night, something attacks them and sends both Stephanie and her mother to the hospital. Alone, and without any help from the police, Destiny has no choice but to contact David, her former boyfriend. When he arrives, he doesn't expect the welcome waiting for him, or that a trap created almost fifty years old is about to ensnare them into the darkness that is "The Thirteenth Chime"

What inspired the story?

A) There was a large storm one night that knocked out the power here on the island where I live. We went next door to share a few candles and lightning flashed while the wind howled outside. Thunder rattled the windows and then, suddenly, the sounds died down. The antique grandfather clock in the house began to chime and the sound echoed throughout the long hallway of the house. My heart thudded and I unconsciously reached out for someone's hand, wanting to feel a bond with anyone. It was in that moment that the inspiration for "The Thirteenth Chime" was born.

Was there ever a time when you felt like giving up? Why didn’t you?

A) Oh yes, there was a couple of times I felt like giving up. When you receive your first, second and third rejection, you think "okay, no worries I just need to keep going!". However, when you receive over a hundred standard form rejections from agents, all of whom didn't even ask to see a single sample of your writing, you can start to doubt yourself. Luckily, a dear friend of mine reminded me that these agents who I had been submitting to could not have based their decisions off of my actual work. When I realized that, I began submitting to publishers directly and wow, what a difference! I began receiving praise and offers immediately and I was very glad I didn't give up.

What have you learned about promoting books in your publication journey? What worked well for you?

A) Shhh! That is a secret! Actually, bloggers and blog readers have been WONDERFUL in their support and helping me get the word around before the release date. I owe everyone my gratitude for the encouragement and kind words I have received. I think for me, what has been most important is to keep in contact with the people who are the ones who actually read the books - our readers. Reaching out to them directly is very important and businesses and publishers are just now starting to realize the power that bloggers and blog readers hold. I hope that they will continue to so that there will be a better line of communication between the publishing world, authors and blogger/ readers.

What was a waste?

A) I learned a lot during all of the rejections I received from agents, not so much from them but from the work and research that I continued to do up to the point I was accepted to be published with my first novel. I think to me the waste was doubting myself because of the rejections I received. All that is needed is just one opportunity to make it all happen, and I am so grateful to have this chance to bring my debut novel, "The Thirteenth Chime", to readers everywhere.

What are you working on next?

A) I have another series in the works and due to the popularity that has already begun with "The Thirteenth Chime" I will be working on a sequel.

What is your perfect writing situation?
A) Peace and quiet at my desk with my main laptop and mini at hand. A nice, stress-free environment helps, but it is the environment around me where I live that helps me to write the most.

Do you have any pearls of wisdom for aspiring authors?

A) Yes! Please never give up! I know those silly standard form rejections can really get you down, but I was just like you and now I'm here. Please don't give up! I want to get to read and enjoy your books just as I hope you will enjoy reading mine!

What is your favorite book of all time?

A) Tamora Pierce "In the Hand of the Goddess" or of course the bible.

What upcoming releases are you dying to get your hands on?

A) Beautiful Darkness or Torment. Both of the books that came before them were stunning debuts and I am really looking forward to seeing what each of the authors will do next!

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us.

A) Next year for ComiCon I am sooo going to go as "7of9" from ST:Voyager and I'm going to make my fiance dress up as Darken Rahl (he really does look like him!) Or at least, that is my hope. Hmmm... Maybe I should dress up as a mordsith... hmmm...

Thank you so much for the interview and to everyone reading! Your support means so much to me and I hope you all will love "The Thirteenth Chime"!!!!
Emma Michaels

Thank-you Emma for stopping by and so graciously answering my endless string of questions! Your story is truly an inspiration. We wish you the best with your upcoming release!!!!! I for one can't wait to read it!

So there you have it..."The Thirteenth Chime," will be released on Friday the 13th of next month. How deliciously wonderful is that release date? You can follow Emma on her blog and on Goodreads.

Happy Monday everyone!


Anonymous said...

Great Interview! Thanks Renae! Thanks Emma!

Jemi Fraser said...

Sounds like a great book :) If you do the 7of9 outfit, we need photos!

Lisa Gail Green said...

Sounds like a great thriller. Just the circumstances that inspired it alone are amazing.

Emma Michaels said...

Yeay! Thank you so much for the interview and helping me spread the word Renae!

Ketch: Thank you!
Jemi: I will definitely post pictures If I do! I will also try to get my fiance to have one taken of him as Darken Rahl. Definitely blog/Facebook worthy.
Lisa:Thank you!!! YEAY!

Emma Michaels

Janet Johnson said...

Great interview! I love that Emma didn't give up. Very inspirational to hear that sometimes it does work to do things differently.

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Great interview Renae.
Can't wait to check this one out...even if my pile is HUGE. lol.

RaShelle said...

Lovely interview Renae!! Emma, I love your cover. Totally rocks!!! Sounds like a great book. Congrats.