Friday, August 6, 2010

Changes Blogfest

The wonderfully fantastic Elizabeth Mueller is hosting a Changes blogfest in honor of Sangu Mandanna. Sangu is in the process of settling into her new home. In her honor, Elizabeth is throwing her a housewarming party in the form of a blogfest. I told you she was great!

The theme is about change. Any kind of change. How did your character endure change? Did she crash and burn? Did he laugh and walk into the sunset? What kind of conflict was involved?

It can be an epiphany kinda change. A moving-away kinda change. A dealing-with-death kinda change. Any and all.

For my entry, I plucked a section straight from the first chapter of Fatal Beauties. In this scene Amber is having to endure yet another move thanks to the antics of her two out of control sisters Demonica and Fauna.

      It took the bellman several trips up the service elevator to unload our things. Just as he placed the last of Demonica’s over abundantly stuffed bags in her bedroom, her eyes flashed with wild desire and I knew trouble was imminent. Though we had yet to even settle into our new home she was ready to begin her typical behavior at a moments notice.
      Wonderful. Fantastic.
      Leaning against the railing, I watched as the strategically placed game played out perfectly.
      Demonica poised herself luxuriously in the doorway. “Leaving so soon,” she cooed as the poor boy stood gazing at her like a rabbit snared in the most complex of traps.
      This scene was all too familiar. She was the hunter and he was her prey. Demonica slinked closer and closer toward her unsuspecting target until she was situated directly behind him. She stroked his hair before sniffing his neck. All the while the insignificant little fool just stood there, dazed like a lovesick puppy.
      “Mmmm, you smell positively divine,” she whispered hoarsely. Her touch was but a mere whisper as she moved her fingers from his hair and proceeded to stroke his delicate throat.
      Absolute putty in her hands, the bellman leaned against her all but gift-wrapping himself. She leaned in, ready to partake in what he had to offer. This had already gone too far.
      “Demonica that’s enough.” I stepped into the room, breaking whatever form of Entrapment she had managed to place on her unsuspecting entree.
      Fauna chose that particular moment to skip into the room, stopping abruptly when she took in the scene before her. She pressed her lips together in mock disapproval. “The two of you should be ashamed of yourselves,” she scolded. A resplendent pout tugged at her delicate features. “No fair playing without me.”
      I closed my eyes, rallying my strength before facing my other sister. “Give me a break Fauna, we haven’t been here five minutes and the two of you are already starting in.” Not willing to take any chances, I placed myself strategically between the boy and my two ravenous sisters.
      Demonica looked at me, eyes flashing in a psychotic manner. “You always ruin all of my fun and I’m starving.” She threw herself into a sitting position on the couch elevating her legs and crossing her arms.
      I cast my eyes skyward collecting her new toy. “Don’t be so dramatic. There’s blood in the fridge, you’re hardly going to starve.”
      “It’s not the same and you know it.”
      “Well I suggest you cultivate some sort of tolerance.” I smiled just a little myself at her discontent. “Besides it’s rude to play with your food.”

So there you have it, a little sneak peek at my sisters of destruction. Want to join in on the fun? Or read the other entries? Just visit Elizabeth's blog here. Happy Friday everyone!


Melissa said...

OOo this is great. I love the end. "It's rude to play with your food."

Lets throw this one out to all the vampires out there. :) (they are vamps, right??)

Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Yay, I loved getting a chance to read some of your book. Awesome stuff. Now I may have to read it again...:)

Sangu said...

Haha I love the end! And I love the sisters' names and their characters, they're so much fun to read.

This was a great entry, I really enjoyed it!

E. Arroyo said...

Fun read. Love it.

elizabeth mueller said...

Great commanding dialogue and characterization! *Chills* I'm glad it's only fiction!

Thank you for participating!! :)

elizabeth mueller said...

PS--I LOVE the title and the names. You are so creative!

Lisa Gail Green said...

How fun! I love vampires you know. And three sisters? Nice.

Angela M. said...

The characterizations were very well done. Amber's sisters are definitely bad girls, but interesting as heck.

Tessa Conte said...

"It's rude to play with your food" - lol that's a great line you're ending on here! Fantastic scene, and I love the three sisters thing, too.

Thanks for sharing this!!!

Alesa Warcan said...

Heheh... That was fun!

It reminded me of the "missing ingredient" segment written and directed by Allison Anders in the movie four rooms "Four rooms".

RaShelle said...

I've been in an EVIL mood lately. I'm with Demonica (plus I love the name). It's fun to play a little before you eat. LOL - Great. =D