Monday, August 23, 2010

Skip a Starbuck's Day

This is why I adore blogging. Never in my life have I witnessed such generosity from a group of individuals. While I was making my usual rounds around the blogoshpere before making my own post, I soon realized that I had to abandon my original topic and post this instead...

If you haven't yet discovered C.J Redwine then you are truly missing out on an awesome blog!

But she needs our help.

A little over five years ago, after surviving cervical cancer and a full hysterectomy, C.J. and her husband began proceedings to adopt an orphaned baby girl from China. Being adopted myself, I've seen first hand the roller coaster of emotions that couples go through when embarking on this entire process.

Well, a few weeks ago they got news: a court date was set. But the problem is, travel and adoption fees have gone up and even though they had money set's not enough. So in order for them to avoid losing the chance to welcome this beautiful little girl into their homes she has devised Skip A Starbucks day.

The basic idea? Give up one tiny indulgence today (like a $5.00 coffee) and use it to help save an orphaned baby girl and make a family's dream come true. In return, you get a chance to win some seriously AWESOME prizes. I mean seriously awesome!

C.J. has a ton of amazing giveaways going on at her blog--ARCs, book sets, and all kinds of other cool stuff--and anyone who donates to her adoption fund can enter to win.

Even better? She's asked some of her friends in the blogosphere to run contests of their own. So anyone who donates can enter a number of other awesome contests with some incredibly fabulous prizes (tons of ARCs--including ones from Bree Despain and Rachel Hawkins--gift cards, merch, it's some crazy awesome stuff)--not a bad deal if you ask me.

How to Enter:
*Go to C.J.'s blog and donate to her adoption fund
(The link is in the upper right corner, and she's suggesting a $5.00 minimum)

*While you're there, enter her grand prize drawing, and check out the links to all the other awesome contests.

*You can also read her story in its entirety.

Good luck everyone!


Lindsay (a.k.a Isabella) said...

Yay for highlighting C.J's cause. You're right, the blogging community is so awesome I've no doubt she'll reach the target she needs.

I've taken part in a couple of her workshops this year, and she is so supportive and helpful I can't thank her enough. Donating to help her bring Johanna Faith home from China was an easy decision to make. :)

Anonymous said...

You are very nice to share this!
I hope Cj reaches her goal money.


Melissa said...

WOw. This is amazing. Thanks Renae, I'll be hoping over to her blog and helping the cause for sure!

Candyland said...

Great cause. Kids are the reason for everything...