Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Create a Scene Tuesday

Kelsey Ketch over at Ketch's tavern is having a weekly event titled, "Create a Scene Tuesday." Kelsey has come up with an amazing concept which she calls "The Writer's Hydra." Each head represents a challenge that writers must face when constructing a manuscript...Setting, Plot Line and Characters. You can view the post in its entirety here.

This week's challenge:

Character – Young Witch

Action – Casting their first spell

Setting – School Setting

This is so perfect! The MS I've been revising is about Eliza, a young witch forced into a brand new life with a family she didn't even know existed. As she struggles to adapt, she finds herself drawn to Sebastian...the one person who stops her world from spinning out of control. But he's off limits, along with the rest of his family. This scene is from an unplanned encounter that Eliza has with this dangerous clan...

My entry:
      It happened seconds after the final bell. One minute I was minding my own business, vying to locate my biology notes and the next, I found myself tangled on the floor in a heap with some poor little fool scurrying to get away from an unforeseen tempest.
      The threat soon revealed itself in the form of Sevorian Black and the twins. They had us surrounded in a heartbeat...hungry predators intent on obtaining their prey.
      Sevorian narrowed his eyes at me as recognition washed over his face. “You," he growled savagely. Forgetting all about their original quarry all three of the menacing brutes focused their attention on me, watching hungrily as I rose to my feet.
      Perfect. The one family I had been ordered to stay away from and here I was, a fly caught within their tangled web.
Sevorian began advancing toward me with Tyler and Ethan flanking him. As if he needed back up.
      “What an unexpected treat to find the newest Ducayne all alone and unprotected." He stopped moving forward the moment my back pressed up against the lockers.
      “Stay away from me,” I demanded taking one step to my right. One step closer to the exit. But escape was deemed unnecessary because the moment the words crossed my lips, the evil trio went flying across the hall, landing in a heaping mass several feet away from where I stood.
      From a distance I could hear a familiar voice tickling at my subconscious. But like the complete fool that I was, I just stood there gaping at the scene before me. What had I done?
      Sevorian was the first to come around. “How dare you attack us at school, witch."
      "What?" I managed to choke out. I was stunned, like someone had slapped me in the face. What could he possibly know about me?
      Ethan stood and came at me with such brutal force that the two of us went colliding into a nearby locker. The wind was practically knocked out of me as we continued to struggle. My air supply nearly cut off, I attempted to take a much needed gulp of fresh air when the impossible happened.
      Ethan just...let me go. It was as if all the fight went out of him. Then there was a silvery whiff of smoke that wafted past his lips and snaked its way past my own. I fell back against the lockers feeling lightheaded from the surge of energy that seared through my veins. But as soon as it flooded my system, the vile cruelty and sheer evil of his power made me nauseous.
      “What happened?”
      There it was. That voice again. I closed my eyes, willing it to be a halucination. A cruel, cruel trick of my unstable mind.
      I almost laughed at my pious thoughts when Sebastian materialized in front of me and helped me to my feet. His eyes raked over the damage that had ensued at my hand. What could he possibly be thinking?
      “I… I don’t know what happened,” I whispered unable to meet his gaze. I was on the verge of tears and the thought of Sebastian finding out my secret made me sick.

So there you have it! I know I'm late, but it's been one of those days. Hope everyone else had a good one!


Melissa said...

oooo. Your magic system seems really interesting! I'd really like to read more of this one.

kelsey said...

Awesome! You'll have to keep us updated on you MS, Renae. I can't wait to see it on bookshelves. Same with Fatal Beauties and Radiant Fury.

Jen said...

Wow you seriously rocked this!!! As soon as I saw what you had to do and the selection for the week I was immediately hooked! Then to see that your piece completely surrounds it made me fall even more in love!


Lydia Kang said...

Ooh, I really liked this! I was totally in the scene. Great job! :)

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