Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Feeling Down? Read This...

I have to admit that lately I've been feeling a little down. There's not one certain thing that I can pinpoint, just several little things that just aren't working out the way I had hoped. But I'm not one to wallow. That's just not me. So what do I do? What can you do when you feel a bout of the blue's creeping up?

See for yourself...

1. Give yourself permission to fail- This is a big one for me. I'm a horrid perfectionist, so when I make mistakes I tend to be really hard on myself. What can I say, this one is a work in progress for me.

2. Chocolate!
No, not an entire bag of Hershey Kisses! Just a small piece of dark chocolate should do the trick to elevate your mood.

3. Count your blessings- This one always works wonders for me, especially when I think of my kids. My adorable little kiddos are my reason for doing everything I do.

4. Wake up early- I wake up early every morning and am amazed at what I can accomplish. There's just something about those early morning hours when it's quiet and everyone else is sleeping that brings me a sense of calm.

5. Schedule some quiet time-
I may curl up with a good book or go out for a walk. This is one of my favorite ways to spend time.

6. Watch a good movie-
It can be a cry your eyes out chick-flick or a hard core action movie. Doesn't matter. Pick your favorite and kick back and relax.

7. Look to your future- Set goals. They can be small or spanning over the next few months. I have to have goals, especially when it comes to my writing. It really gives me a lift when I reach these goals.

8. Laugh- I've had a great life...but it hasn't always been perfect. But through it all, my family has found a way to make each other laugh and it makes everything seem a little less dismal.

9. Accept the things that you yourself cannot change-Another tough one for me. There are things in life that we have no control of. As writers we should know that all too well. Move on, focus on the positive and accept that there is nothing you can do. Like I said, this one is wicked tough for me!

10. Look to the future-
Need I say more? So you have a bad day...even a bad week. Just know that everything can change in a moment. You finish that manuscript...those edits. An agent requests your full or even better offers representation. Think positive and believe that good things are just around the corner.

Okay, that's all I have for today I promise! So tell me...what did I miss? What sure-fire methods do you use when feeling down in the dumps?


Christine Danek said...

I hope you feel happy soon. I get this way. Chocolate usually helps. I also read critiques that were very positive. Always makes me smile. Many of what you have listed I do too. Especially, be thankful for what you have.
Hope your day gets brighter!!

Jess said...

Thanks for this~ I just got a form rejection on a full that I was expecting at least a tiny sentence worth of feedback on, since I'd met the person and had some nice chats. It really bummed me out until I thought about it from the agent's perspective (being super busy, etc.). I decided to start revising, despite my foul mood. After having a brownie, of course.

In terms of the getting up early thing, I've got that down pat. My two-year-old and I have been up since 4:15 this morning (ah the joys of having young ones).

Candyland said...

Well you mentioned chocolate. That's about it for me! OR ice cream. Oh and sleep.

E. Arroyo said...

I think you covered it. I hope you feel better soon. And I think we all can use something on this list.


Bast said...

I'm with you on the chocolate and movie. I also like to just get a coffee and sit and think. Or tea. And they have to be hot ... hotness promotes reflection. Coldness promotes faster drinking and less reflection time.

Golden Eagle said...

I love getting up early; there is something about being up before the rest of the world that's stimulating.

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

I think another thing that helps me is knowing that I'm not alone. There are others out there dealing with the exact same things. For some reason, that realization always makes me feel better.;)


Elana Johnson said...

I like #1. Giving yourself permission is the best thing ever. I also like the one about finding quiet time during the day. This is one I really need to work on to be happier.

Chris Phillips said...

You are a perfectionist?!? :gasp:

Did you develop all of these coping methods back when you had to teach with me?

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Excellent advice! I especially like giving myself permission to fail and looking ahead to future successes. We are all so hard on ourselves. How did we get to be like that?

Melissa said...

This is really great advice. I need it right now.

Jemi Fraser said...

Chocolate always helps me too! And I love your #1 piece of advice :)

Lola Sharp said...

I don't get down very often, and when I do, it only lasts for a few minutes and then I'm over it.
But I too am a perfectionist and hypercritical of myself. Also, I tend to over schedule myself by taking on a lot of projects, and having a kid in lots of dance classes and a busy social life...and because I'm a perfectionist, every project has to be perfect and fabulous. So I often do feel stressed, and pressed for time. (this gets even worse around the holidays)
And often my writing comes last on my list. I usually write from midnight to 2 or 3 a.m., and back up at 6 a.m. I live off 3-4 hours of sleep/night for weeks to get it all done.

If stress or lack of sleep is leading to your 'blues' learn from my bad example and to learn to say "no". (I'm working on this)

Also, especially this time of year, a hot bath and a good book. Delightful. :)

I hope you have a glorious, joyful rest of your week! :) *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon! When I'm down, I take time to myself - watch a movie or my favorite TV shows; have some chocolate or hot coco; and sometimes, I take a walk around the block (fresh air seems to cheer me up).

Hannah said...

I like to do all the things you mention but sometimes I'll just queue up the itunes and sing while playing majong or plants vs zombies. These things also help.

Patti said...

Exercise works for me. I always feel better and I never regret doing it. I really should do it more often.

Lindsay said...

I try not to get down often as well, but sometimes it creeps in. Usually a new book, re-reading Pride and Prejudice, a piece of chocolate or a hug off the goddaughter works. That or laying in bed watching Vampire Diaries or Supernatural. :)

Anonymous said...

SUCH a great post. I need to print it out and read it daily.

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Such a great list! I do all of these things, especially three. Counting my blessings seems to be the one thing that really helps pull me out of sadness.

I'm sorry you've been down. I hope you are feeling better!

Celticlady's Reviews said...

I think you need Chocolate listed a few more times in that