Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Erasing The Bad...

Do you ever wish that you could just wipe away some of the not so good things that have occurred in your life? Rinse them away like they never happened. Pretend it was all a bad dream?

I do.

At least I thought I did. And then I started to think. Had I not gone through certain experiences, I never would have started writing again. If I wasn’t stressed just a little throughout the day my creativity would be stifled.

I’m not saying I want bad things to happen or that I love having drama in my life. This is just me trying to put a positive spin on why things happen and how I manage to deal. So now when I begin to throw a little pity party for myself, I flip open my laptop instead. It still amazes me that no matter how bad or crazed the day might seem, when I dive into my own little world, everything is just a little bit better.

So what about all of you out there? Ever have a day or events you’d like to erase? How do you deal?


mshatch said...

oh, yes, definitely, but like you said, you start erasing things and other things inevitably follow, maybe things you'd like to keep. So I think we're stuck with the whole package.

Liz P said...

I think as much as we want to erase the bad things, at the same time they shape us and make us stronger. I'm a firm believer of learning from experiences, both good and bad.

Babydoll said...

I don't know that I would erase anything. The last year has been pretty rough for me, but I've learned a lot and I wouldn't erase any of that. I wish I didn't have to experience any of it, but I'm also glad I did.

Matt Conlon said...

Yeah, there are a few things I'd like to strike from the record. Only thing that makes me feel any better is that they who witnessed my bad days likely have a few of their own.

Catherine Denton said...

Oh yes! I try to find the growth that happened inside of it - how it changed me for the better.
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Laura Marcella said...

Yea, I wish I could erase things. How do I deal? Well, I say it is what it is! What's done is done and can't be undone. Just gotta find the positive!

Lisa Galek said...

Yup. A lot of the bad things I've gone through have actually turned out to be interesting experiences worth writing about. If something good can come out of those bad times or other people can learn from them it makes me feel a little better.

Lindsay said...

I don't think I'd erase any of the bad life moments either. All of them led me where I am today and, hopefully, I'm a stronger person because of them. :)

E. Arroyo said...

Every moment of my life made me who I am. And I didn't come out that bad, I don't think. ☺

Catherine Ensley said...

Everything that happens is an opportunity for growth or decline. It's all about the meaning we choose to give it. Writing is fun because we're helping our characters to decide what meaning they could give to the things that happen in their lives--and in my case, I'm nudging them toward transformation.

Chris Phillips said...

Last year teaching would be exactly like that for me.

Natalie Aguirre said...

Yes, there are some days in general and then some majorly hard ones like death of family and serious illness of my husband. Sometimes you just have to put one foot in front of the other and go on until things get better. But yes, books and my writing help me get through those times.

Arlee Bird said...

I kind of have a natural tendency to do that anyway. I guess I've had a pretty good life, but bad things have happened. I have a tendency to turn the bad into something good and mostly remember the best things and the nice things about my life. I think this helps give me a greater sense of happiness.

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Adeeva Afsheen said...

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