Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K Is For Kaleidoscope

This one was a tough one. But I looked up the definition of Kaleidoscope and this is what I found: An instrument invented by Sir David Brewster, which contains
loose fragments of colored glass, etc., and reflecting
surfaces so arranged that changes of position exhibit its
contents in an endless variety of beautiful colors and
symmetrical forms. It has been much employed in arts of

This got me thinking, our writing in a way is much like a Kaleidoscope. Instead of colors, writers use words, but the effect is similar. Move a few things around and you have an entirely different meaning. A fresh new perspective.

If a chapter is not flowing quite the way you want it, shake things up, manipulate it until you love it. Characters falling flat? Add a little something extra to them.

Just remember that one small change can breathe new life into your writing. Whether you're working on a first draft or a final polish, The slightest flick of pen or brush of a keystroke can change everything.


Baiba1205 said...

Oh i love that things, haha. It looks so pretty inside. And I totally agree - in a way, writing is much like a Kaleidoscope.

nice work :)

Sue H said...

Renae - you may just have got me out of a hole! I was in two minds what to do with the WIP - something just didn't seem right and I was stalling with the plot, so I'm going to have a 'shake-up' and get the ball rolling again!



Laura Marcella said...

Great analogy! I had a kaleidoscope when I was a kid. The colors and designs were fascinating. Just like how it is when writing my stories!

LTM said...

ooo--very cool analogy and so true. And I LOVE those pix! <3

Michael Di Gesu said...

I LOVE kaleidoscopes. Such beautiful imagery.

And you right, Renae, writes doe the same thing, if we paint the words correctly our images will paint an amazing picture.

Lindsay said...

Awesome post. I love how we paint words and just one flick can change the image. :)

Liz P said...

Nice analogy. I've always enjoyed kaleidoscopes. :)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Last fall I interviewed n artist that makes Kaleidoscopes here in Iowa. He showed us how he made them. Great images, Renae!