Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stephanie Meyer New Release

Did I wake up super early to get this book? Of yes!

Have I finished reading it? You bet? I could not put the thing down!

Was it worth the wait? Absolutely!

In true Twilight form this book grabbed me from the word go. Reading Eclipse from Bella's point of view was an experience all of it's own. Hearing the other side of the Eclipse story from Bree's point of view was amazing. I loved being on the other side and witnessing what went on during the days leading up to the attack. Even though Bree is one of the blood thirsty newborn vampires, I found myself empathizing with her situation. ( I won't spoil the story.) Another perk I loved was an insert from Stephanie at the beginning explaining the process she went through in order to write this exquisite novella.

Now more than ever I can't wait for June 30th to roll around. Will I be one of the crazy individuals waiting in line to see the midnight showing? Oh yes! ( I already have my ticket!)

Don't judge now, I'm not always like this. Well maybe some of the time. Have a great rest of the weekend!


Book Crazy Jenn said...


Amparo Ortiz said...

I'm trying not to drown in jealousy right now... Still trying... Still trying...

Nope. Not working. Super jealous.

But don't worry. I'll read that baby soon.

Jessie said...

wow - I wasn't really convinced that I had to read this one, but now I think I'm reconsidering. hmm... thanks for the review.

Slushpile Slut said...

Now I can't wait to read this book...I'm really liking your blog BTW!!

Renae said...

Thanks! It's a quick read and soooo worth it!

trishalynn0708 said...

I also bought this one.. Hope you enjoy it.. =)

Tahereh said...

ok, i'm so happy to be able to read a review of this book! i seriously didn't think it'd be any good.

but is it all, like, informational? because for me, the only highlight is reading more about the Edward/Bella relationship -- i mean, after all, that's the whole story, isn't it?

so is this all about Bree, or..??

i'm still a little on the fence about this..

Renae said...

Tahereh-Its about the time in Seattle leading up to the battle and what the "newborns" are told about thier existance. Totally worth the read especially if you plan to see Eclipse.

elizabeth mueller said...

I'm a bad girl, Renae--I didn't even know this book was in the works or even existed. I'll have to go check it out and read it. Thank you for enlightening me!

Thank you for coming by my blog and visiting me! I'm a follower, see?? :D

Roland D. Yeomans said...

You make me want to read this book. I wonder if they have it on Kindle?

Thanks for dropping by my blog today and leaving such a nice comment.

I added a new post detailing how the ghost of Marlene Dietrich, a screen legend from the 1940's, helped me write a prologue to my historical fantasy.

It might make you smile, Roland

Renae said...

Thanks Roland, I'll check it out.

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